What is my-norway?


my-norway gives you the possibility to compose a wish how, where and when your holiday in Norway is supposed to be. For different travel operators and lessors it is possible to submit offers to you, that fit to your preferences. When you receive the offer it is you to decide whether you accept the offer or not.



How much does my-norway cost?


my-norway is absolutely free and non-binding for tourists. A provider commits itself contractual to NAFFEN UG, to put the offers with a fixed price online. Herewith the requester gets the possibility to choose from various offers the one that fits his preferences the most. Providers only can be listed on my-norway, when they have a contractual agreement with NAFFEN UG.



Why do I have to register?


Your registration is 100% for free. We need your contact data including your name and e-mail address to send you the offers to your requests in the future. The provider will receive your contact data when you click on the "contact provider" button on an offer. This action indicates, that you want to accept the offer or that you are interested in it at least. Before clicking on this button, providers have no access to your data.



How do I create a request?


First of all it is mandatory to register. As soon as you are registered and logged in you have to click on the "request" button on the task bar.

When you click on "create a new request" a new window pops up in which you will find different possibilities to filter. The more precise you describe your dream holiday, the more precise the offers will be that you will receive.

The filter "region" describes the region of Norway you want to travel to. 

It is important to specify the number of people you want to travel with to find the perfect house.

The number of bedrooms is one of the most important criteria for many tourists. Please enter your wish here.

To find a suitable house, it is very important to know, when and how long you want to stay. Please keep in mind that this period is only the period of your stay in the accommodation. Potential arrival and departure days should be counted extra.



The following point is focused on deep-sea fishing. Though, it is also possible to spend time with the family without fishing or just to haunt some salmons in fresh water. To find the right accommodation please enter your personal wish here.

Under the point "boats" we want to know which kind of boat is your personal favourite.

Of course we only can provide general filters to achieve an approximate sorting. This is the reason why it is indispensable to leave a few sentences about what to consider while creating an offer, in the field "comments". Here you can also provide a maximum price for your stay as well as the wish to stay in a fishing camp or a single-unit house. Needless to say, all the preferences you give us are preferences for your dream holiday. We cannot assure you that desires and offers cover 100% but the providers try to fulfil your dreams as good as possible. For your perfect holiday in Norway.



I created a request, what will happen now?


You have received an e-mail. With the help of the link in this e-mail you always have the chance to change your request. Thus, this is only possible until you received your first offer. As soon as the first offer is posted, it is no longer possible to change the request. This gives the security to make all the offers comparable. Every provider will also get an e-mail with your request to call attraction on it. If the providers have something suitable to your request they will gladly prepare an offer for you. We will notify you about a new offer to your request via e-mail.



I am interested in an offer, what am I supposed to do?

When you are logged in on you will find on the top right task bar the button "my requests". Here, all your requests are saved. With one click onto the request, on which you wait for an offer, a window opens up with all the details you put in your request. On the left side of the page you will find all the offers you received to your request. Click on one offer to see the details. On the right side of the page you will see now:


"add to wish list" - click here to find the offer easier in the wish list option.


"accept offer"  - click here if you wish the provider to contact you. An new window will pop up where you can enter additional information. With clicking on "send" the provider will receive your e-mail address. The provider will contact you external of my-norway.


"write review" - an important tool of my-norway. Here you have the possibility to rate and review your holiday home. Lots of stars mean you were very pleased. A short explanation of your rating is desirable but not mandatory. This makes it possible for other users to see what you liked most or which points did not fulfil your expectations.

About us

Welcome to my-norway, We aim for your holidays!

my-norway gives you the possibility to compose your dream destination, your dream holiday within your dream period in Norway. Therefore you can get free and non-binding offers from various providers, lessors and tour operators. Find more information as well as a short user guide here.


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